Storage Tips

Rutabagas store well in the refrigerator, as this can often provide the most optimal temperature and humidity conditions. They can also be stored in a root cellar.

Nutritional Information

Rutabaga is a good source of Dietary Fiber, Thiamin, Vitamin B6, Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphorus, and a very good source of Vitamin C, Potassium and Manganese.

Fun facts

  • Rutabagas are only called rutabagas in the U.S. Throughout the rest of the world, they're known as swedes.
  • Members of the cabbage family, rutabagas are often confused with turnips, although there are noticeable differences.
  • A gardener in the UK claimed a place in the book of Guinness World Records in 2011 with the world's largest root vegetable, a swede (rutabaga) weighing in at a whopping 85.5 pounds.